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More Awards

Posted by cotojo on September 5, 2007

Winston, aka MrFong over at Eat Your Maths honored me with this award, which I am thrilled to receive.  Thank you so much Winston for thinking of me.

I Love Your Blog

My friend Sue, over at Discovering Blogging has also awarded me with the ‘Nice Matters Award’ for, and I quote: “For not letting up on the quest to find Madeleine and his help on Blogging to Fame Fans.”  

Nice Matters Award

Thank you so much Sue for this wonderful and most unexpected award……I think I’m going to have to make a separate page to put these on lol.

In keeping with tradition I will pass on these awards to some excellent bloggers.  So many it is hard to know where to start!

Nice Matters Award To:

Lisa author of Life is Just Around the Corner, for it was through her valuable input that I created this blog.

Sandy author of Writing in Faith whose blog is very inspiring and thoughtful.

Ev Nucci who authors My Life is Murphy’s Law  Read it and find out for yourself!

Tatiana author of Totally Useless  A blog about all those things that often appear as totally useless but mostly are not.

I Love Your Blog Award To:

Kim author of Laketrees, who is an award winning portrait artist, and currently has a competition running where you can win a $400 portrait, just in time for Christmas, so get on over there and join in the fun.

Deborah author of Life in the Fast Lane whose blog is full of the interesting, weird and unusual news about our planet.  It really is a fascinating read.

Carol author of My View of “It” which she describes as her “Hideout” to rant and rave, to express myself without reservation! Wonderful stuff too!

There you go folks, enjoy your awards for you truly deserve them.

Smile.....Tomorrow will be worse

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29 Responses to “More Awards”

  1. cotojo said

    Pearl – I definitely have to copy&paste mine lol, I haven’t got a hope in hell of remembering it 🙂

    Catching up on comments and also finding time to visit blogs is quite time consuming. I try to get around as many as I can after I have done my post, or updated my other blogs. Too much burning of the midnight oil 🙂

    His Eminence the Very Lord Colin the Charitable of Mabe Burnthouse……
    Colin for short hahahaha

  2. pearl said

    yeah, I had to copy and paste my title, too many words there to remember… 🙂

    separate page of awards is a brilliant idea! I am trying to catch up on commenting as its been really difficult to post on just one blog i have and I need to learn how you maintain so many blogs 🙂

  3. cotojo said

    Pearl – Sorry…Reverend Lady Pearl the Pusillanimous of New Port On Wells 🙂 What a mouthful that is huh?

    So that is your secret mission accomplished then LOL

    Because of the limitations on sizes on the sidebar I created a new page to put awards on so I wouldn’t have to resize any of them 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment.
    Take care 🙂


  4. pearl said

    Deborah and Colin – you guys are really funny! You deserve all those awards Colin, Deb and Kim..

    as for me, I am thinking of getting a new theme with a new sidebar for just the awards 😉

    see? Reverend Lady Pearl the Pusillanimous of New Port On Wells who is on a secret mission was watching!!! 😉

  5. cotojo said

    Tatiana – You deserve the award, it is nice to recognise others input in the blogosphere and to be able to share it 🙂

    Many thanks for your most kind comments 🙂


  6. Thank you somuch for the award Colin 🙂 I am honored and humbled also! I love your blog and it definitely deserves all the awards you are getting for it, and the others still to come 😉

  7. cotojo said

    Winston – Thank you for your kind comment.

    It’s through the blogosphere that we create friendships and move around in ever increasing circles, and it is very pleasing to be recognised and rewarded for the small parts we play.

    Will be over to your blog later.
    Take care my friend 🙂


  8. cotojo said

    Deborah – Yes I’m a bit worried about the ‘withering glance’ LOL, I shall have to watch what I’m doing 🙂

    Now then, to my knowledge the cherry pies are nothing to do with me, but if you have to make your exit sooner rather than later could that be down to the beans 🙂

    I know…’ll get me LOL

  9. mr fong said

    Do not thank me, you got what you deserved. Have not seen you for a while, haha 🙂

    Good luck and best wishes to you and family!


  10. Deborah said

    Ah yes, the wounded bacon roll indeed, my miantzi is surely woulnded this day. But I have no idea of the alphabet soup, your fortune may still lay ahead with the withering glance.

    Do you play any part with my fortune that the cherry pies will have their revenge? I may have to make my exit much sooner than later.

  11. cotojo said

    Kim uh oh….a withering glance huh… it’s a sideways one too 🙂 Better watch my tiptoeing around before I wither away 🙂

  12. laketrees said

    haha Colin
    no beans…but I do have a withering glance….:D
    sweet dreams…..

  13. cotojo said

    Kim – Thank you so much for your kind comment.

    I’m pleased that you like your award, you deserve it. I was trying to be careful and not duplicate them lol, not an easy task 🙂

    I do hope that you haven’t got beans as well hahaha

    Have a great day….I’m off to bed before I get into any more trouble LOL

  14. cotojo said

    Deborah – My Fortune Cookie warned me about the wounded bacon roll but it failed to mention beans….hhhhmmmm I wonder why 🙂

    Quote from Fortune Cookie: Beware the alphabet soup and the wounded bacon roll.

    Now leave the alphabet soup alone…that beans and bacon could trigger such an explosion, but I have my tin hat ready :o)

  15. laketrees said

    goodness Colin and Deborah……you two are a scream 😀
    gee thanks Colin….you certainly deserve these awards….Sue’s right ….your coverage of Maddie has been excellent…..
    I really like the look my new award… matches my blog…..thanks sooo much for your blurb on my comp too….have a great day 🙂

  16. Deborah said

    Well speaking of honor, I shall take my beans and bacon with award tucked underarm and venture off to greener pastures where someone won’t try to steal my ‘lian’. Harumph.

  17. cotojo said

    Deborah – Oh but I have to ask….wouldn’t want any poor unsuspecting honorable people being slowly gassed merely by standing downwind…..bodies lying around is such bad advertising you know 🙂

    Ooooooooooooh I’ve been challenged hahahaha.

    Re: the marbles….I’m pretty sure some had your name upon them, methinks you should do a recount 🙂 and little porky agrees!!

  18. Deborah said

    Hahaha! Too funny!

  19. Deborah said

    Gasp! You dare to as much as ask? My beans are of the finest quality in all the lands and baked to sheer perfection. You will not find such side effects from this Lady’s lair. Although I’m certain I could surely serve you a plate from neighboring lands which would inflict you with that which you speak of, then merilly and speedily send you on your way for challenging me so 😉

    Nay I say, those were not my marbles, I’ve counted every single one and none have ventured astray.

  20. cotojo said

    Deborah – That’s my day face hahaha, scares the little blighters away 🙂
    And if you hover over it, it says ‘Smile….tomorrow will be worse’ LOL

  21. Deborah said

    A side-note Colin, any relevance to the cute little pig with the scary human dentures? 😉

  22. cotojo said

    Deborah – ooops sorry….Marchioness Deborah the Nefarious of Barton in the Beans….now do these beans give you flatulence because if they do I’m staying upwind 🙂

    Now, marbles, I have a post to do for all of those who are missing theirs as my daughter and I found them whilst visiting The House of Marbles in the Teign Valley a few weeks ago 🙂

    I’m sure I saw some of yours on one of the marble runs and what fun they were having too LOL


  23. Deborah said

    Wow, thank you Lord Colin the Charitable of Mabe Burnthouse! It’s truly an honor, and you’re well deserving of the awards you’ve received 🙂

    I found some marbles rolling around that you must have dropped while you were over. Want ’em back? It’ll cost ya, hehe.

  24. cotojo said

    Carol – You are most welcome:)

    I think that it’s only right to include a variety of bloggers, and there are so many to pick from with various topics. Yours is great and I wholeheartedly support it 🙂


  25. Carol said

    You are so sweet to give me an award. Thank you very much. You know sometimes Blogging on certain topics can be very tiring and frustrating so when I have someone like you think of me it makes it all so worthwhile. I really appreciate this \.

  26. cotojo said

    Mary Ann – I just popped over and picked it up LOL. Thank you soooooo much

    It’s just one of those crazy days today so if you see my marbles rattling around anywhere can you redirect them this way 🙂


  27. Saboma said

    But but but, Cotojo, ya didn’t pick up your “Thoughtful Blogger” award. Come n git it!

  28. cotojo said

    Lisa – You are most welcome and worthy of the award 🙂
    They have been pouring in lately and it’s a pleasure to also be able to recognise others for their participation, for without it we would be nowhere.
    God bless you my friend.

    Colin 🙂

  29. Sophiagurl said

    wow! thank you his Eminence this is such an honor really =) and congratulations to all the awards that are pouring in for you…you’ve really come a long way my friend and I’m mighty proud of you. God bless you always.

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