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Missing Maddie – Latest news 19th August

Posted by cotojo on August 19, 2007

Belgian police have apparently identified a young girl thought to have been missing Maddie as the daughter of a Belgian man.

A woman alerted Belgian police last month after spotting a girl she believed was Madeleine at a cafe in the Belgian town of Tongeren with a Dutch-speaking man of about 40 and an English-speaking woman of around 25.

But Belgian authorities have now confirmed the girl was not Madeleine but the four-year-old daughter of a Belgian man from the town of Hoogstraten.  The girl is reported to have been living with the man’s ex-wife for the past year and had been with her father and his female friend who is reported as being Polish but spoke in English.It is also said that the little girl did not appear to be at ease because the woman with her father did not act like her mum.

Missing Maddie

Earlier this month, DNA tests were carried out on a drinks container believed to have been used by the girl, but the subsequent results showed that the DNA belonged to a man and was not that of missing Maddie.

Portugese police have come under fire again after it was reported after a woman living in the apartment above the one used by the McCanns, was not questioned by police until British investigators arrived to help in the search for Maddie. 

It has been claimed that she disturbed a burglar in her flat three weeks before the disappearance of Maddie and she is now reported to be giving a full statement to the Portugese police. 

She is also reported as saying that her niece, who was staying with her during the week that Maddie disappeared, spotted a man fitting the description of one seen carrying a child away wrapped in a blanket. 

Meanwhile, the McCanns are reported to have broken the news to their 2 year old twins, that their sister Maddie is missing, and have been told by psychologists to say that ‘Mummy and Daddy are looking for her’ but to maintain a regular routine for them as much as possible.   

Last week this was disrupted by Portugese media descending upon the crèche they were attending, which forced the McCanns into pulling the twins out of the crèche. 

Their were also rumours of them returning to the UK without Maddie, but it has been revealed that they have extended their lease on the villa they are using in Praia da Luz for a further month. 

It appears that Portugese police are now no longer searching for an abducted child, but treating this as a murder investigation and are seeking a body after other evidence has come to light. 

They refuse to speculate on what this evidence is, but it is known that the blood specks, found by British teams using sniffer dogs, are not from the missing 4 year-old.   

Further tests are being carried out on the DNA samples, as the results are only 70% conclusive and the results of these are expected sometime this week.

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2 Responses to “Missing Maddie – Latest news 19th August”

  1. cotojo said

    Lisa – Yes it is sad, and they missed so much for such a long time too. The police are remaining quite tight-lipped about the new evidence they have, so we just have to wait it out. It must be so difficult for the family, especially with the bad press abd deteriorating relationships with the Portugese investigators.
    Thank you for your comment.

  2. Sophiagurl said

    how sad to that they are treating this as a murder case now. =( and it’s been soo long too.

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