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Missing Maddie – Portugese Police Say She May Be Dead

Posted by cotojo on August 11, 2007

Portugese police have acknowledged for the first time that missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann may be dead.

Missing Maddie

Today the McCann’s clung to the hope that their daughter will be found alive on the 100th day of her disappearance.

The news caused outrage among friends of the McCann’s who cannot believe that the family were not informed before the press. It also comes on the same day that YouTube donated a page to the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC)

In a reference to the recent discovery of blood specks at the holiday apartment used by the family, Sousa said renewed searches using British sniffer dogs had revealed clues which could point to Madeleine’s death.

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa

He said: “In the past few days there have been some developments, some clues that have been found that could point to the possible death of the little child.  All lines of inquiry are open, but this line has a little more intensity.”

Inspector Sousa also maintained that the parents were not being considered as suspects despite earlier reports in the Portuguese press this week suggesting they were now under suspicion.

A family friend said Portuguese police had never told Maddie’s parents they now believed there was a strong possibility that suggests she had been killed in their apartment.

The friend also added that it seemed extraordinary that they did not have the decency to inform Maddie’s parents before stating it in an on the record interview.


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7 Responses to “Missing Maddie – Portugese Police Say She May Be Dead”

  1. cotojo said

    Lisa – Yes it certainly is insensitive, and they really couldn’t have picked a worse day for the McCann family on which to make such and announcement.

  2. cotojo said

    Krystal – Thank you for your comment. This is not the news that anyone wants to hear. We all hope that Maddie is found safe and well.

  3. Sophiagurl said

    What an insensitive thing to do! Arrrrgh! some sad news Colin. =(

  4. That is awful. I hope she is alright.

  5. cotojo said

    Jan – Thank you for your comment.

    Many of us also hope and pray that Maddie is still alive. All we can do is sit and wait.

    I too can remember playing safely outside, yet times – and society – has changed so much, and for the children of today it is not for the better in many ways.

  6. jan said

    I pray and hope with all my heart that maddie is alive. I do not understand why someone would want to harm a child, so sad.
    We live in a world that is so dangerous about leaving your kids for just one moment. Why do people want to be so mean to kids this day and time. When I was a child playing outside was safe, but now it is so scarey. Children are being targeted for horrible things and why, can someone explain why people are so mean and harming children. I watch TV and that is all I see is a child that is either killed or being abused. (WHY) whoever you people are get help stop hurting little children.

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