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Missing Maddie – DNA Results Prove Negative Press Accuse Parents

Posted by cotojo on August 8, 2007

Belgian sources confirmed today that DNA on a drinks bottle used by a young girl in Belgium did NOT match that of missing Maddie.

It is reported that the sample was from a man so police have not ruled out that Madeleine was present as he may have finished the bottle of drink.

Belgian police are still trying to trace a car, described as a modern black Volvo registered in Belgium, used by the couple and child. 

Meanwhile, Portugese newspapers are reporting that the parents of the missing Maddie are the main suspects in her disappearance and death after blood samples were found in the apartment where the family were staying. It is also being reported that the police are asking family members and friends to return to Portugal to be questioned again.

Holiday Complex

One newspaper said local police believe the blood is hers and that she is no longer alive.

Maddie’s parents, Gerry and Kate, have denied all reports and accusations that they are suspects in the case and Portugese police also deny this.

Gerry and Kate McCann

The police have always maintained that they are looking for a living child.

They are also saying that Madeleine died accidentally and that someone cleaned up the blood inside the apartment. Minute traces of blood were found by investigators using specially trained dogs from the UK, and DNA tests are now being carried out on these. It could be Maddie’s blood, or the abductor’s or it could have come from any of the hundreds of other people who stayed in the apartment before the McCann family.

Police Forensic Team

Speculation has grown in recent days that prime suspect Robert Murat is out of the frame, leaving the focus of the investigation fixed on the McCann party.

Robert Murat

A car hired by the McCann’s five weeks after Maddie disappeared was taken in to be forensically examined. It is expected the couple will be re-interviewed by police separately this week.

Last night Portuguese police spokesman Olegario Sousa said: “The family are not suspects. This is the official position.  There are several fronts open in the inquiry. All the details are under secrecy.”

Olegario Sousa

Cops in Switzerland are liaising with Interpol to find if there was a link between Maddie and a paedophile who shot himself.

Urs Hans Von Aesch committed suicide in a Swiss forest close to the belongings of missing five-year-old Ylenia Lenhard.

Portuguese detectives have been told of similarities between the girls’ abductions. Von Aesch is thought to have been near Praia da Luz when Maddie vanished 97 days ago.

Maddie Banner

Other sources said cops had consulted João Alveirinho Dias, professor at the University of the Algarve and specialist in Oceanography, to examine where local tides may have taken Maddies’s body.

Forensic labs in Lisbon were rushing the tests through. They were comparing the blood samples with DNA taken from Madeleine’s bed, possibly from a hair, in the days after she disappeared.

But it could be weeks before the results are known.

A child protection expert said he would be “staggered” if it turned out the blood was missed during early examinations of the apartment.

He also added that this discovery should have been made on Day One and if it proves significant it will show just how inept the Portuguese police were at carrying out the initial forensics tests.

In Belgium, tests were being done on a cup used by a girl fitting Maddie’s description in Tongeron and the results are expected today. 

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2 Responses to “Missing Maddie – DNA Results Prove Negative Press Accuse Parents”

  1. cotojo said

    Lisa – Yes it sure is….can only keep hoping that they find the breakthrough that they so desperately need.

  2. Sophiagurl said

    aaarrrgh! it’s all such a mess. and all this time the child could be suffering somewhere. how frustrating really.

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