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British Citizens – YOUR Support Is Needed

Posted by cotojo on August 7, 2007


Although this is called a Petition for Inquiry into Provision of AntiTNF, it has far further reaching effects.  It affects all UK residents that use the NHS and with your support we can make a difference and help toward putting an end to the Post Code Lottery, the shambolic way in which NICE drags its heels over making decisions that can affect the quality of many peoples lives, and the PCT’s lame excuses at costs for many treatments and medications.

Please read and if you can support this worthy cause we would be delighted to have your signature on the petition. 

Many Thanks to all who read this article.

This is an email I received re: Ankylosing Spondylitis and AntiTNF.

As a sufferer of this condition I wanted to highlight it through my blog and hopefully gain  a few more signatures to the petition.  It seems sad that the Patient Care Trusts (PCT’s) in the UK can hold peoples health to ransom based purely on cost and where you live.

RE: AntiTNf  petition for inquiry into provision by PCT’s

I want to highlight a petition that an As-Assist member has started on the 10 Downing Street website.

Gillian Eames has asked for an inquiry into why all PCT’s are not funding AntiTNF for patients with ankylosing spondylitis.  This is because her own PCT have refused to fund the drug for her use now that the antiTNF trial she was on has finished.

When you sign the petition you will get an email from Downing Street with a link you click to confirm your interest.  Each signature requires a separate email address so other people with access to your computer can also sign using their own email.

I am aware that some people have already signed the petition and for that I thank them but I am also aware that a lot of members may not yet have seen the petition on the forums. 

All AS sufferers will not require antiTNF but those who reach a stage in their condition where standard drugs have become ineffective and it is necessary to use it really need it and it makes a huge difference to their lives.

Deadline to sign up by: 29 June 2008

Signatures: 1,684 (as of 7th December 2007)

The link is

You do NOT need to be disabled to sign this petition, the only requirement is that you are a British Citizen, so even if you are overseas you can still sign it.

There is also an article from Disabled Direct which you can read HereIt’s a wonderful site for anyone with a disability and for their carers, and has loads of useful information.  Quality of Life is important for anyone with any form of disability, and who knows, maybe one day you, or someone you know, will need some of this help.

As they mention on their site, there are 10.6 millon registered disabled people in the UK, so come on people, please sign this petition so that treatment for any condition is not based on cost or where you live!  It’s time to end the post code lottery. 

This was also featured as the main item on the ITN London News and there is a short video clip of it here:

Radio Interview can be heard here:

More information on Ankylosing Spondylitis:


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41 Responses to “British Citizens – YOUR Support Is Needed”

  1. cotojo said

    Gillian – Hope you are well 🙂
    Have signed the petition, it’s another disgraceful turn by the PCT’s.
    have also added it to some social sites to try and get more signatures 🙂
    Take care and have a good weekend,

  2. Colin

    Hope you are well. Colin we neeed your help many people are having their funding withdrawn by PCT’s to continue to be treated at The Royal National Hospital For Rhuematic Diseases in Bath Somerset.Please can you help by signing petition

    Gillian Eames

  3. Hi Colin
    how are you? Have you had your shoulder operation yet?
    Have emailed you a few times not sure if you are getting them

    Get in touch

  4. Gillian Eames said

    Colin l thank you so much for all your support that you have gave me through my campaign
    Best wishes and a big thank you to everyone

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all

  5. cotojo said

    Gill – I am so pleased that you have won your funding battle 🙂

    That is superb news and I will post about it for my readers. I will email you Tues/Weds.

    Take care Gill,
    Colin xxxx

  6. Hello every one l have won my battle to win funding to stay on Anti-Tnf
    Colin i thank you so much for all your support throughout my battle. Also thank you to all of you that have supported me and should love towards me.
    l am upset that i have not won the battle for other sufferers in Bromley but i am continuing to campaign for awareness into this awful disease

    Bless all of youxxx

    Gill Eames

  7. Gillian Eames said

    Hi Colin
    how are you have not heard from you for a while.
    Should have some news soon lets hope its good news

    Thanks for your supportxx

  8. kate and gerry hope and family hope you all had a safe journey home . i no madeleine is still alive. she is with a dutchman and a english speaking woman. my name is debbie carroll , i live in ireland 35 hazel lane drogheda co louth . you lots.and madeleine.

  9. Sorry about spreading it over the page
    that was article in evening standard.
    Loads have commented on it but the comments are not all be displayed


  10. Gillian Eames said

    it has also appeared on this site

  11. cotojo said

    Gill – At least the word is slowly spreading, I have had emails from non-Brits who know of ex-pats and they wil be asking them to sign 🙂

    I will add to post about forthcoming TV News.

    Will drop you a line soon
    Take care
    Colin xx

  12. Gillian Eames said

    Hello Colin

    Thank you for your continued support.
    Thank you to all of you that have signed petition for me.
    Just to let you know
    Should be on ITV London Tonight News again on Wednesday 12th September between 6pm and 6.30
    Thank you all so much

  13. cotojo said

    Ceri – Many thanks for your support 🙂

    There are many of us not on or won’t need Anti-TNF but it shouldn’t be the lottery that it is for such essential treatment.

    Hope that you are making use of the NASS Forum

    Best Wishes

  14. Hello All.
    Have signed the petition sometime ago.
    I (Ceri) have been told I have AS.
    Not yet on Anti-TNF, but have been told that if might be considered.
    Best of Luck everyone.

  15. cotojo said

    Gill – You are welcome, I am going around quite a few blogs and putting link into comments in a bid to drive more people to the petition.
    It’s good to hear that you also have a great many people from Face Book signing too.

    Colin xx

  16. Gillian Eames said

    Cheers Colin
    hope you had a nice weekend
    l am getting a great many people on Face Book signing my petition.
    Also some interesting contacts on there.


  17. cotojo said

    Gill – Sorry to hear that they are still refusing funding, will keep this campaign running on my 2 main blogs and have links on websites too. Subject has been dugg on Digg and had an amazing amount of hits from it as well as other sources :o)


  18. Gillian Eames said

    Hello Colin and all supporting me

    They are still refusing to fund me
    so l must continue my fight.


  19. cotojo said

    HB – Petition runs until June 2008 :o)

  20. shoot Im too late sorry Colin

  21. cotojo said

    Jackie – Thank you. The biggest problem is trying to reach people that can sign the petition, but there have been some Brits living overseas that have signed, it just needs to gain a bit more momentum :o)
    It’s increasing daily and there is still a while for it to run so hopefully we can get a great many more to sign it.

  22. Shinade said

    If I were British I would have most definitely signed as I too suffer from a disability. Great job you did with this post.

  23. Gill Eames said


    Thank you to all of
    you that are supporting me.


  24. cotojo said

    Sue – Thank you so much, it was important to make people aware that although they needed to be British Citizens they didn’t have to reside here. Thank you for signing the petition, still got along way to go but every little helps :o)

  25. sueblimely said

    I am glad you added the bit about not having to live in the UK to be able to sign the petition – Although I am now Australian I did not have to give up my British Citizenship so could sign the petition.

  26. cotojo said

    Pip – Thank you for your comment. As you so rightly say there is little point in developing these new drugs and then not using them on many patients based purely upon where they live or the cost of the drugs…..what price is there on quality of life?

  27. Pip said

    Don’t deny people their proper treatment – what’s the point of developing these drugs if they’re not used!!!

  28. cotojo said

    Gill – You’re more than welcome. Let’s hope we can get it on to a rollercoaster!

  29. Gill Eames said

    Thank you all for your support and kind comments.

    Kind regards
    Gill Eames

  30. cotojo said

    Tim – Thank you for your comment. I know many people with AS and it really is a joke that so many are being denied proper treatment which can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort.
    I’ll pop over to your blog a bit later :o)
    All the best mate.

  31. cotojo said

    Deborah – Thank you, sadly it is only available to British Citizens, at home and overseas, but I’m hoping to reach a wider audience through my blog :o)
    I know many people reading it won’t be able to sign it but they may know of someone who can.

  32. Tim said

    Excellent work, I have AS myself and although I don’t need these drugs (yet) I know they are available to me, and it’s a joke that no everybody can be this fortunate. I’ve also mentioned it on my own blog.


  33. Deborah said

    Hi Colin,

    I tried to sign the petition but couldn’t. It said I had to be a resident, sorry 😦

  34. cotojo said

    Kim – Thank you so much. It has another 11 months to run yet so hopefully we will gain many more signatures, not only from those that have this condition and their carers, but also from those that believe the system is flawed in its methods.

  35. laketrees said

    I wish you all the very best with your petition Colin…
    regards Kim

  36. cotojo said

    Thanks Lisa, at least this way I hope I can help the petition to reach a wider audience including ex-pats and every little helps :o)

  37. Sophiagurl said

    too bad I ain’t British I would have signed the petition.

  38. cotojo said

    Hello Gill,

    Thanks for the link, I have now inserted that into the blog too. Makes very interesting viewing


  39. Gillian Eames said

    Hello Colin
    thank you so much for your support
    Colin on the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society site Jane has put 2 links one for petition and another for my interview with ITN London Tonight News then click on Nass News

    Unfortunatly the bit with Edwina Currie is missing wich is a shame as she was very supportive.
    She is contact with me since giving me advice.

    Thanks again

  40. cotojo said

    Gillian – You are most welcome and as I have AS myself I’m only too pleased to put it somewhere and hopefully drive more traffic to it. I do know from my stats that its had a few hits and follow throughs to the petition.

    Lets hope it gains more momentum.

  41. Gillian Eames said

    l thank you for your support and puuting it on here

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