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Blogging To Fame – Spamalot and Update

Posted by cotojo on August 1, 2007

 Update is at the bottom of post.

Blogging to Fame 2007 is a wonderful platform for all bloggers to get involved and showcase their blogs.  It’s a marvellous thing brought to us by Divya and no one can fault her for doing such a wonderful job. The idea is to help us all improve our blogging skills, also help others to gain recognition for their skills too.

If you blog you are a part of the blogosphere, which has changed the way in which we communicate and learn, help each other with constructive criticism, useful comments and more.  We have all made many new friends along the way covering a diverse range of subjects within their blogs, and they all have their own personality.

I’m a relative newbie to blogging, my first proper blog is a mere 4 months old, and this one is a mere 8 weeks in the making, so I am not a ‘seasoned’ blogger but I do my best to be as accurate with the information I provide on my original blog, and to have a look at different aspects of life on this one.

Blogging To Spam

Spam…..don’t we just all hate it!!  Our mailboxes get masses of it and if you’re clever it gets filtered to your Spam Folder.  I hated spam as a kid, spam fritters, grilled spam, spam sandwiches, spam salads…….and I still hate spam!

Now we have a new phenomena on BTF – Blog Spamming by groups of individuals who are all in bed together to do their utmost to gain the most Fames by spamming every blogger time and time again.

 modern day Spam

Many of you are listed on BTF and quite rightly too.  I have met some wonderful people and read some very entertaining blogs. 

The problem now is the spam that is being generated by these cliques to make it very one sided. They will Fame YOU but not your blog, yet they will leave a copy & paste message on every blog saying the same thing……I have Famed you, please fame me AND my blogs.  Some have degenerated themselves to begging for you to Fame them, but hell…..they won’t reciprocate on your blogs!!

Comments like:

“lets’s blog to fame together….all the best…


welcome to my blog, just read it and if you like it please Fame me, I have already FRAMED you, just let me know how you like my blogs.”

If you don’t obey they will be back and paste the same message, a few days later they start getting somewhat annoyed because you haven’t famed their blogs……but when they visited your blog why didn’t they fame your blog?  Because you are undervalued as you don’t belong to the clique they have created among themselves.

It really is deplorable that they can actually stoop this low in what is a fine community where there are many wonderful blogs and bloggers, and many new people find this thwarting their attempts to get their own blogs off the ground.

“Hi dear I am new to this any thanks”

“I just saw your profile and could not resist myself from giving fame to it.

In my blog too, I am sure you will find something of interest to you.
Your just one valuable fame to me and my blog will help me in getting one step closer my goal.  Once again a HUMBLE request to give your valuable time to visit my blog and fame me and my blog”

“Hiii..Fame My Blogs Yaar,,,,”  response to this was “i like to read that “yaar” so let me count the number of times you call me that.”

For them and many others it’s back scratching each other, pleading and begging for you to Fame THEIR blogs and still they won’t Fame yours, but they will Fame you…..and they think they are clever huh?

Back Scratcher

Simple advice, delete the spam messages, by all means look around the bloggers and CHECK their blogs…..some are only a few multi-coloured lines, may look fancy, bright and cheerful, but it’s absolute trash, garbage and in many cases plagiarism.  Copied straight off the net, colour the fonts and hey presto, it’s a new post……….NOT.  Some are even males with a nice female picture to entice you……..but we’re not all stupid are we!!  You can hit and fame as many blogs as you like, your exposure and traffic won’t increase in the slightest. 

There are many blogs that deserve recognition, advice and  a friendly person to help them along with some guidance.

I have heard so many bad news stories about people being spammed and I’m sure there are hundreds more.  It’s time it stopped and these people were ignored.

Stand Up For What You Believe

There is an update on this issue written by Saurabh on the BTF blog, I suggest that you head on over and have a read of it.

If you have joined BTF then how about joining BTF Fans, where you will find useful information and ways in which we can help each other and help new bloggers to get off the ground.

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30 Responses to “Blogging To Fame – Spamalot and Update”

  1. cotojo said

    Kuanyin – Many thanks for passing by and commenting.
    Although the spammers and cliques have attempted to compromise BTF, and continue to do so, Saurabh has a new tactic which is yet to be revealed which will level the playing field for good bloggers. I believe that there will be some major changes to ensure that the spammers will NOT be among the finalists.
    I think that although many of us continue to get spammed with those begging for Fames, the decent bloggers need to sit it out and not withdraw, await the new regime that is to be implemented and stick with it.
    Saurabh and Divya are bound to be concerned over this, as it wasn’t their intention to create something that attracted extremely poor quality blogs of one or two lines, but blogs with content and value.
    I don’t for one second believe that any of the prizes will go to those who have played unfairly and outside of good blogging practice.

  2. Kuanyin said

    Since so many others commenters before me have made such astute observations and comments, here’s my simple two cents: since the BTF contest has been so compromised and corrupted by cliques and spammers, the owner of this contest has to make some hard decisions….such as should she call the whole thing off? Why give a cash prize to those that have played unfairly?

  3. cotojo said

    Maryann – Scary thought isn’t it…..would sure change the face of Chicago if that lot turned up, and not for the better either.

    HB – You picking on me again lol or maybe we should set up our own clique! What you reckon hahaha

    – Many people feel the same as you and also stopped voting due to the spam problems.

    Thank you all for passing by and taking the time to comment

  4. Morgan said

    I was actually part of this competition…but soon realized it was nothing more than a contest for the best practices of spam. It’s unfortunate…but what can you do. I chose to not participate I even posted a message asking people to NOT vote…of course the spammers kept voting and leaving their silly messages. But kudos to you for taking a stand and speaking out for actual blogs that do deserve some proper fame .

  5. mmm ok! hehehe~

  6. Saboma said

    Can you imagine meeting these folks in Chicago? I mean like, I sure don’t care to contend with their gnarly attitudes online let alone having to exchange social niceties in person and that’s why I have lost all interest at BTF although I am still enjoying meeting up with those who actually possess AND demonstrate acceptable social skills.


    *Hugs on ya, dude*

  7. cotojo said

    Sue – Thank you for your comment. many people had voiced concerns over the issue of spam so it was time to stand and be counted and get it out into the open.

    The concept of BTF is good as well as the BTF Fans that you set up, which offers a useful information exchange for all bloggers where we can share ideas and help others.

    It’s good to note that Ibibo have now issued a new policy on spamming and plagiarism, as this is certainly one of the worst offending blog platforms. Any form of cash prize will attract those who will try to cheat the system. The scale of it on BTF was just so big and disillusioning to many others that they started to lose faith, hopefully the coming weeks will see new changes implemented that will level the playing field again.

  8. sueblimely said

    Excellent post Colin. Well done for saying what many people have been thinking.

    I too divert the BTF emails to a separate folder. I have one for Ning too – that generates a lot of requests too. Apologies if your membership of the Ning BTF site has clogged your mail boxes.

    The concept of BTF is still good and if these problems can be sorted out it will be a valuable resource for new bloggers. I notice that Ibibo has the same issue, not surprisingly. They have just issued a statement regarding their new policy on spamming and plagiarized content. I suppose most of the social networking sites have this problem to some extent. The cash prizes on BTF have unfortunately made it worse.

  9. cotojo said

    Jackie – Thank you for visiting and your comment.
    ah you worked it out at last hahaha……
    Yes BTF emails and blog spam is such a problem, I have diverted many to the spam folder and I can check them before deleting.
    It will be interesting to see what changes are going to be implemented for the second round, until then…’s spam, spam and more spam….but there are also some great blogs on there too.

  10. Shinade said

    You know that I just now put it together who you are….Hi colin…my first contact on blogging to fame fans….oh my and yes….I hate to say it…but, I am thinking of just somehow unjoining…..everyday my mailbox is full of BTF emails….it’s simply incredible. As I stated to you in my first post at BTF….I was a little overwhelmed. I have actually removed my button from my blog. But, I do still fame the blogs that I genuinely like…great post~jackie

  11. lol carry on Colin, carry on!

  12. cotojo said

    Christina – Thank you for dropping by and for your comment, I will modify post to add cliques to it lol

  13. oh by the way good post
    C is me`

  14. Um OK! hehehehe! at least people post comments on your blog colin! I have posted this very same thing on my site. Oh yeah you forgot to mention cliques also if your not in “their clique” they wont fame/ vote for you either or post on your blog or some other lamo excuse.
    harleyblues christina

  15. cotojo said

    Kim – Thank you. Blog spam is unnecessary, it’s bad enough getting it in our mail, and for people to attempt to manipulate the system in their favour is pretty low.

  16. laketrees said

    hear hear Colin!!!!!……we should not have to tolerate spam :0
    You have made some great points here……
    ps I didn’t like spam sandwiches either……

  17. Thank you Cotojo.

  18. cotojo said

    Greg – If you join the Blogging To Fame Fans community I am sure you will find a few more answers there. It was set up by sueblimely as aplace for like minded bloggers to get together and aid others.

  19. It is an action that needs to be taken immediately !
    Who wants to compete in a contest where cheaters and spammers are allowed to flourish ?

    We are having to live in the possibility of spammers and cheaters being handed the awards.

    Perhaps Divya knows she wont be handing them any awards. But it needs to be made Perfectly Clear to the rest of us and the blogosfere.

    The integrity of Blogging to Fame rest on this happing.

  20. cotojo said

    Greg – Nice thought isn’t it…..would be nice to see them kicked out and have real bloggers there.

  21. cotojo said

    Lisa – Thank you. Yes many do agree that blogspam has become a problem and others have also written on the same topic, which is nice to see :o)

  22. Solution – Kick out the spammers and cheaters…period !
    There are rules, they crossed the line, kick them out !

  23. Sophiagurl said

    Good one Colin, and from the looks of it a lot of people agree. It’s a good thing we have someone “man” enough to write about it. =)

  24. cotojo said

    Pearl – Thank you. I know a lot of bloggers also feel the same that they can make better use of their time with their own blogs and reading others. Divya has done a wonderful job in bringing more of us together and it really is pitiful and appalling that others need to abuse it in this way.

  25. pearl said

    I got so turned off by all the crap there I haven’t gone to that site in weeks now … I feel I don’t have the time to deal with spam …I could be spending time on writing a post or reading nice blogs out there or doing something to better my blog in some way…. I’ve also met some very nice people thru BTF and I also feel its all because of Divya’s efforts to bring so many of us together, but I think it might be getting overwhelming for her alone, I hope she gets some good help to tackle this problem soon!!

    Nice post Colin…

    tc and kit

  26. cotojo said

    Sandy – Numbers aren’t the ‘be all and end all’ for many of us as many believe in quality, I’m with you on that one :o)

    Deborah – Yes we have a bit of recourse with block and delete, but they simply get their ‘friends’ to join in. Hopefully there will be some necessary changes to put a stop to this altogether.

    Saboma – Well it was a hot night here last night….hot under the collar LOL.

    Mentality – You’re not alone, a lot of bloggers are getting far too much of it, it’s time it stopped.

    Thank you all for your comments and time.

  27. Mentality said

    yea I see this alot… It gets me annoyed when I get this kind of stuff on my blogs

  28. Saboma said

    Hot dayummm, Cotojo, git on wid yo baaaaaaad self!

    I’d write a really long letter but I don’t know how to spell.


    :::throws head back in maniacal laughter:::

  29. Deborah said

    It’s gotten to the point that many of the valid blogs won’t return to the site because it’s put so many of them off.

    The block user and delete feature was put into place when the spamming became out of hand, and some refused to relinquish even after warnings to stop. So at least there is some recourse now. Gotta love the all empowering delete key 🙂

    Unfortunately they haven’t put it into place for the blog profiles, which I hope they decide to do soon as well. Receiving comments such as “Good. Life in the fast lane. Life in the slow lane. Which one do we prefer?” which I have to look at and others as well every time I check my blog profile is a welcoming site indeed.

    I’ve grown weary of fighting it from mine and others by having friends push the crap down by sending comments in casual conversation.

  30. This is an interesting post. I’m intrigued by all of this. I do believe writing your best is really the answer to the spam that’s out there. There are blog surfing sites that create exposure. We hope some will be intrigued enough to stop by and comment. We respond to those who do. We keep giving our best. That’s all we can do. By writing well and thoughtfully, we really do outpace those for whom numbers are everything.

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