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Britain Under Water

Posted by cotojo on July 24, 2007

Action continues today to help people affected by the floods which have swamped Britain.

Defences have been constructed to attempt to stem flood waters as many swollen rivers have reached their peak levels.

 There is some good news in Gloucestershire where power has been restored thanks to the work of emergency services at a power station but thousands still remain without drinking water.

In Worcestershire, a huge clean-up operation is underway to re-open swamped roads and the city centre is accessible again after water has receded.

However, with more wet weather predicted this week, the ordeal isn’t over yet.

Seven severe flood warnings and more than 30 other flood warnings remain in place as rivers like the Severn and Thames are still at dangerously high levels.

Here are the latest updates from around the country:

GLOUCESTERSHIRE: Emergency services have restored electricity to more than 48,000 houses plunged into darkness after Castlemeads Substation was deluged by the River Severn.

Power Station Flooded

Water has been held at Walham Substation which was feared would flood yesterday causing millions of homes to lose power.

Efforts are now focused on restoring the water supply but residents have been warned the shortage could last seven to 14 days.

As a result, four hundred bowsers have been set up in the area to provide clean water and these are constantly refilled by a fleet of 40 tankers.

Severn Trent has also sourced bottled water from around the country to give to customers and intend to distribute three million litres today.

In Tewkesbury, flood waters finally started to recede this morning but much of the town is still under water.

OXFORDSHIRE: Flooding overnight from the swollen River Thames in Oxford and Abingdon was less severe than predicted and levels continue to recede.Local bus services are running but many are on diverted routes to avoid flooded streets.

BEDFORDSHIRE: The River Great Ouse is expected to reach its peak water flow this morning.

LONDON: The surge of water along the Thames is not expected to affect the capital, with flooding due to stop at Shepperton, near Walton-on-Thames.


The Thames Barrier is expected to close tomorrow to block high tides, allowing more space for water flowing from the West out to sea.

WORCESTERSHIRE: A large-scale clean-up operation is underway to re-open roads which were inundated by floodwater. Upton-upon-Severn is still experiencing flooding problems but the city of Worcester is beginning to return to normality.

BERKSHIRE: Residents in Purley, Pangbourne and Reading are at risk of being flooded as the Thames has yet to reach its peak in their area.

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4 Responses to “Britain Under Water”

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  2. cotojo said

    Lisa – No I’m not affected by the flooding, normally we are but we seem to have escaped it at the moment in this part of the country. Just have to wave my magic wand a bit more lol.
    It’s heartbreaking for those that are affected though, homes ruined, cars and so much more.

  3. Sophiagurl said

    well i guess you are, your previous post suggest as much hehe. =)

  4. Sophiagurl said

    that loooks so bad, are you affected by the floodings? hope you’re okay.

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