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Terrorists Are Our Enemies, say Muslims

Posted by cotojo on July 4, 2007

A leading Muslim organisation has condemned the barbarity
of the failed car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow as it
called on its faithful to provide “all the necessary
support” to prevent terrorism.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary general of the Muslim
Council of Britain (MCB), said it was the “Islamic duty”
not only to utterly and totally condemn such actions, but
to provide all the support necessary to prevent such
atrocities from taking place.

“The events of the past few days have been very disturbing
and challenging ones for all of us,” he told a news
conference at the MCB offices in east London.

“At the very outset we would like to express our heartfelt
gratitude to all the police officers and security experts
who were tasked with removing the threat from the explosive
devices in London and Glasgow.

“It looks sadly as if the terror threat currently facing
our country will be with us for some time to come. So let
us be absolutely clear about this, that those who seek to
deliberately kill or maim innocent people are the enemies
of all of us.

“There is no cause whatsoever that could possibly justify
such barbarity.

“Those who engage in such murderous actions and those that
provide support for them are the enemies of all, Muslims
and non Muslims, and they stand against our shared values
in the UK.”

Dr Abdul Bari said in his statement that the police and
security services had the “enormous responsibility” for
trying to ensure the safety of all Britons.

He said as such, they deserve the fullest support and co-
operation of “each and every sector of our society”
including all Muslims.

He said the MCB would be convening a meeting at the
Islamic Cultural Centre in Regent’s Park, London, of key
Imams and leading community activists from across the
country on Saturday.  He said that at Saturday’s meeting
they hoped to discuss how they can work better with other
partners, including the police to try and undermine and
defeat the terrorists who seek to attack us.

Although we are now living in a multi-cultural society,
we must not let this cloud our judgement of others. 

As Dr.Bari has said, these terrorists are enemies of
everyone and it would be very short sighted to put
the blame on all Muslims and other ethnic minorities.

These terrorists are a minority, and just because they
are Muslims doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists.


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