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Always Have Hope

Posted by cotojo on June 30, 2007

I hope that I will always be for each person
what he or she needs me to be.

I hope that each person’s death will diminish me,
but that fear of my own will never diminish my joy of life.

I hope that my love for those whom I like will never lessen
my love for those whom I do not.

I hope that another person’s love for me will never
be a measure of my love for him or her.

I hope that everybody will accept me as I am,
but that I never will.

I hope that I will always ask for  from others,
but will never need to be asked for my own . . .

I hope that I will always recognize my limitations,
but that I will construct none.

I hope that loving will always be my goal,
but that love will never be my idol.

I hope that everyone will always have hope.

2 Responses to “Always Have Hope”

  1. cotojo said

    Hope is something we should all cherish, for without it what have we? Hope is all of our tomorrows.
    Thank you Lisa, God Bless and enjoy your weekend.

  2. Sophiagurl said

    i hope that everyonw will always have hope. Hope is something I cherish…without it I would be lost. Hope gives us a glimpse of wonderful things to come. God bless Colin!

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