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Prayer for Those Whose Loved Ones Are Missing

Posted by cotojo on June 29, 2007

The following Prayer is not only for missing Madeleine, but for all those whose loved ones are missing.  

I was kindly allowed to use this post by Suzy at Suzy’s Prayer Diary

I found this on Beliefnet ….

Loving God, the hope and protector of all humankind; bless those whose loved ones are missing. The agony of not knowing whether someone is living or dead is a daily torture. The uncertainty of life’s future relationships hangs in limbo. Hope rides a roller coaster. Yet each day must be lived. Give unto your people the blessing of your grace that they may face each day with courage and hope. Guard their families from further danger and harm and hold them in the blessing of your love. Amen.

source: Adapted from “Prayers of Our Hearts”
© 1991 Vienna Cobb Anderson.

Posted in Missing.
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Click here for the original article posted on Suzy’s Prayer Diary.


5 Responses to “Prayer for Those Whose Loved Ones Are Missing”

  1. […] Prayer for Those Whose Loved Ones Are Missing […]

  2. cotojo said

    Sohiagurl – Yes it is lovely and one I came across by accident and was pleased that Suzy allowed me to share it.
    God Bless you my friend

  3. Sophiagurl said

    Amen to that my friend. what a lovely prayer.=)

  4. cotojo said

    stillwaters – I don’t think we can really imagine the pain and the anguish that the families go through at such a traumatic time.
    Thank you for your comment and joining in Prayer.

  5. I cannot imagine how painful it is to have someone so close to my heart missing.

    I’m with you in praying for Madeleine and for others out there who have missing loved ones.

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