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Missing Maddie – No Breakthrough 29th June

Posted by cotojo on June 29, 2007

Hopes are fading of a breakthrough in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann after it was reported that an Italian arrested in Spain had no connection with the child’s disappearance.

Spanish police will continue to question a couple suspected of trying to extort money from the parents of Madeleine McCann.

Police said the Portuguese woman and Italian man were suspected of trying to swindle the McCanns by offering the parents information about the missing four-year-old.

But the pair who were arrested by anti-kidnap group UDEV in the town of Sotogrande, are thought to have no connection to Madeleine’s disappearance.

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa of the Portuguese Policia said his officers accompanied the Spanish authorities on the arrest because of the potential link to Madeleine. “Up until this point we haven’t found any connection, but we are waiting to see what develops,” he said.

A Spanish police statement said: “Police began to investigate them after getting information that they had tried to contact Madeleine’s parents to collect a reward.” 

The Italian was arrested on an international warrant issued from France, where he was wanted for alleged association with a crime group.

A Spanish police spokeswoman said the warrant itself had nothing to do with the McCann case.

The Portuguese woman was detained because of her association with the Italian man, the spokeswoman said.

It is now 57 days since the little girl was snatched from her bed as she slept in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.


6 Responses to “Missing Maddie – No Breakthrough 29th June”

  1. cotojo said

    Katia – Thank you for your comment. Many will agree with what you say, and also hope that Maddie is found alive and well.

  2. katia said

    i think who ever took her is a sad sick person just give her back it is so mean i hope the people who took her root in heel 4evea i no that maddie is alive i juist believe in her so much

  3. cotojo said

    Internet Marketing – Thank you for your comment. Yes, politicians always seem to distance themselves from such situation, which is appalling really.


  4. It looks like the government are trying to distance themselves from the incident, trying to find a way out, a scapegoat, because of the damage it’s doing to the image of their respective nations.

  5. cotojo said

    Shannen, Thanks for your comment – many of us feel the same way – we just want Maddie returned safe and well and whoever is behind this to rot forever.

  6. shannen said

    what is wrong with people they are pretending to poilce that they have seen maddie when they havnt and while the poilce are looking there where she really is they are getting away who ever has got her just give her back dont hurt her you will get caught one day and get caught with her alive because the is really missed and if she is found dead you will be in prison for life soo put her somewhere safe tell the poilce where she is and just let her go home!!!
    hope you are somewhere safe maddie!!

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