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Missing Maddie – 23rd June

Posted by cotojo on June 23, 2007

POLICE searching for Madeleine McCann last night revealed there had been 14 reported sightings of her in Malta.

Officers said the first was almost a month ago, and so far just one of the sightings has been ruled out.

Their probe began when a Maltese woman contacted them in May, convinced she had seen four-year-old Maddie with a man in the capital Valletta.

A magistrate was called in to oversee a second inquiry on June 17 when two British tourists reported seeing a child resembling the kidnapped youngster.

Four days later, police received another eight reported sightings of the girl with an adult.

Officers immediately launched searches after the witnesses described seeing her in Valletta, Sliema, Mdina and Marsascala.

And yesterday another two witnesses came forward.

Maltese police are liaising with officers in Portugal and Britain.

Supt Mario Spiteri said: “We understand how important this investigation is — it is a high priority. We are doing all we can, but cannot talk about details.”

Officers yesterday quizzed tourists on the beach at St Paul’s and showed photos in the hope of finding other witnesses while more were combing other towns.

If a kidnapper is on Malta with Madeleine, leaving is likely to prove extremely difficult.

All 1,800 cops on the island have been given a photo of Maddie, while the airport and harbours are on high alert.

Police are also checking CCTV footage for any evidence of Maddie arriving on Malta.

Her family are desperately hoping the sightings will be the breakthrough they need.

Swiss authorities launched a huge search at Geneva airport yesterday after two separate sightings of a child resembling Maddie.

The search was eventually called off after two hours, and pilots and arrival airports were alerted to check all passengers.


6 Responses to “Missing Maddie – 23rd June”

  1. cotojo said

    Patsy – Thank you for your thoughts. We are all hoping that it won’t be too long before Maddie is returned safely to her family.

  2. Patsy said

    My heart goes out to Maddie loved ones I realy do not no how they could face this. I a stranger, weep everyday asking the Lord to please send little Maddie back home to her family. And who ever has Maddie Please do not HARM or HURT this beautiful little girl she is innocence and is going through pain being without her family, I have a granddaughter the same age and I feel the pain. Please, Please, Please let Little Maddie go free. I also Plea for more action to be taken from higer authority as quick as possible to relieve little Maddie from her pain.

  3. cotojo said

    Julie – Thank you for your comment. Many of us have the very same thoughts and hope that Maddie is soon returned safely to her family.

  4. julie hou said

    we are all praying that someone somewhere will allow their concience to do the right thing and bring that little girl home to her family where she belongs PLEASE GOD always in our thoughts baby girl come home soon

  5. cotojo said

    yes my friend, it must be so hard for her family. As you say ‘the agony of waiting and hoping’.
    I’m sure that many of us will be praying for a breakthrough soon and that Maddie is returned safely to her family.
    God Bless.

  6. Sophiagurl said

    the agony of waiting and hoping. my heart goes outto her family. =(

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